Choose steam generator

Calculate in:
Length: Width: Height:
Adjust for Construction Material (Select One - With the Greatest Heat Loss.)
Ceramic Tile
All Glass tile or Glass Block Walls
Porcelain tile
Natural stone tiles* up to 1/2" Note:* Natural stone tiles (e.g., marble, travertine, slate, granite, etc.)
Natural stone slabs over 1/2"
Additional Considerations
Number of exterior Wall(s)(Insulated) - Multiply by 1.10 for each outside wall.
Cubic Feet. Cubic Inch Cubic meters
Recommended model selection:
1、For ceiling heights over 9 feet add 15% for each additional foot.
2、if the steamroom has a skylight or an outside window, select the next larger size generator. The skylight or window must be double-pane and sealed from the inside the steamroom.