Sauna Heater FAQ


How to Choose a sauna heater for my sauna room ?

Answer: Please try our calculator : Click on this link

How long does it take for the sauna to reach a suitable temperature?

Answer: Usually takes about 30 minutes to reach temperature but for the wood to be properly heated through about 45 minutes.

Do your heaters work with any control?

Answer: Our 3KW will work with any single or double power output control because it has two elements.(For the single power output control you would need to bridge the connections on the heater terminal block so one output controls two elements) Our 4.5, 6 and 8KW will work with any single or triple output control. (The same idea from above for a single output control, bridge the lives to the elements)

Can i use this heater commercially in a Gym?

Answer: Yes these heaters are suitable for constant operation.

Can I pour water on these heaters?

Answer: Yes.

Can the digital controls go inside the sauna?

Answer: No the digital controls can't go inside the sauna. As they can't withstand the heat;it's dangerous.

Can I plug into a 13amp socket?

Answer: No, the heater must be wired on a isolated circuit.

What power supply do i need?

Answer: It can run on both Single phase for domestic with 230V connection or Triple phase for commercial with 400V connection.

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