Steam Generator FAQ

How to Choose a steam generator for my steam room ?

Answer: Please try our calculator : Click on this link

How long does it take to reach desired temperature?

Answer: Usually about 10-15 minutes but can be longer depending on the size of the room, ceiling height,wall material.

How far away from the steam room can i put the generator?

Answer: 8mMax, but past3myou must insulate the pipe.

What other materials will i need to complete installation?

Answer: Water in -15mmplastic or rubber flexi-hose Water out -15mmcopper (Domestic, light duty commercial),22mm(Heavy Duty Commercial) Steam Pipe -15mmcopper(4,6),22mm(8,9,10.5,12,15,18) What about my ceiling? The ceiling must be curved so that the water runs down the walls instead of falling like hot rain. We recommend using a low ceiling as heat rises and you are usually sat in a steamroom. Optimum height of about 2000mm.

Do i need a water softner?

Answer: For commercial use we recommend using a water softener inline with the generator as limescale build up can be a problem especially in hard water areas.

Where can i put the generator and the control panel?

Answer: The generator can be put anywhere outside of the room away from any contact with water.Such as: cupboard, mounted on wall, floor, loft space.The most important thing is that the steam must not go up, as this causes condensation and water runs back into the generator. The control panel can go inside or outside of the room, it's 12v and waterproof.

What power supply do i need?

Answer: You will need an dedicated power supply.(Same as for a oven) For information on size of wire,amps and fuses speak to your electrician, you will need to quote the KW size.Our generators can work on [220v 1N~] or [380v 3N~]